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Licensed massage therapy in many different modalities, including:

  • Traditional deep tissue and injury treatment
  • Swedish/relaxation
  • Ashiatsu
  • Ashi-Thai massage
  • Mother-to-be
  • Sports
  • Massage cupping (Chinese)

No matter what you want from your massage, we can help.

Ninety minute sessions are most common. Ashiatsu massage is done in 75, 90 or 2 hr sessions. Longer or shorter sessions can be arranged by request.


Ashiatsu is a form of deep-tissue massage that’s done using the foot to apply pressure instead of the hands. Our certified ashiatsu practitioners can control the pressure with their feet as well as any other therapist does with their hands. This massage is performed on a regular massage table. The therapist uses a set of overhead bars to help provide balance and control (more information about Ashiatsu on the Ashiatsu Explained page of this website).Traditional Deep Tissue

This massage typically goes deeper into the muscles, using the forearms and elbows as well as the hands. Your therapist will work closely with you to make sure the pressure is appropriate at all times.


A soothing, all-over massage that will leave you rested and refreshed.

Ashi-Thai massage

Ashi-Thai massage is a table top treatment combining Ashiatsu moves with passive stretching of the arms, legs, and torso. Gentle pressure is also applied along the body’s meridians (or energy lines) to help increase flexibility while relieving muscle and joint tension. You’ll feel both calm and energized afterward!


Helps relieve the special problems that come with being pregnant. Safe throughout the whole nine months, and just as helpful when recovering from giving birth.


Sports massage typically focuses on areas of the body related to your sport, along with their supporting structures. Your therapist will customize your massage according to your specific needs.

Massage Coaching

Coaching and Mentoring is available for therapists on a per case basis. Basic massage techniques for couple is also available.

Please contact Red Braat, icRed.LMP@gmail.com to set-up your personal program.